At sea with Swiss Replica Armin Strom UK

According to the dictionary definition, ‘to cast off’ means to set a boat free from its moorings in order to leave a port. But we prefer a looser interpretation of the term when there’s an Armin replica Strom Skeleton Pure watch involved: to shrug off your worries and relax.

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Here you are at the water’s edge in Kiev, Rome or Marseille—one of the cities hosting this summer’s Great Cup 32 Racing Tour. A fleet of catamarans disappears out on the open sea. The race has begun.

The Armin Strom team are entering the competition with a new sail to compete against their European rivals. Its colors—orange on black—echo the Skeleton Pure model made from black PVD-coated stainless steel and equipped with an orange 60-second counter and Armin Strom logo. The fake Omega watch’s steel case is as strong as it is light, and the double barrel mechanism provides a power reserve of 10 days.

The GC32 catamaran can reach a speed of 40 knots and seems to fly across the water. Seeing eight crews battle it out on the high seas is a breathtaking spectacle. Sitting on a bench, an ice cream in hand with the promise of a tantalizing interlude Omega replica watching sailors… Life’s tough for us landlubbers!