Hand engraved Replica Apple Watches by Golden Dreams

For those that feel the constant pressure to be a couple of steps ahead of the Joneses, here is the luxury Golden Dreams Apple Watch. Now available, it takes the idea of owning a smart replica Omega watches to a whole new level with an entirely hand engraved version in your choice of 24-karat, 18-karat or 18-karat plated rose gold.


The Geneva based company fashion every individual watch to each client’s preference. Golden Dreams offer a wide range of additional options for total customization including diamond and other precious stone settings as well as hot stamping the luxury leather bracelet with gold.

Every Golden Dreams Apple replica watches uk is complemented with a handmade luxury exotic leather bracelet, offered in (hopefully sustainable) alligator, python, shark and ostrich leathers in over 160 colors.

Golden Dreams offer their handiwork on either the 38mm or 42mm models of the Apple Watch complete with a 2-year warranty, and of course the Omega replica watches store is delivered in its own luxurious box. Founded in 2010, Golden Dreams has retailers in over 12 countries worldwide, and 2 flagship stores and their bespoke designs are recognized globally for their high quality.