Replica JAQUET DROZ Mosaic Elephant

The new Petite Heure Minute, a favourite canvas for expression and artistic innovation for Jaquet Droz replica watches uk depicts an elephant moving across a landscape of paddy fields on its dial. The piece graces the Ateliers d’Art Collection and represents a technical challenge, an invitation to travel and a pure object of poetry all at once. Its creation prompted the artisans of the brand known by its twin stars to turn to the ancestral Asian technique of eggshell mosaic.

Replica JAQUET DROZ Mosaic Elephant

Discovered while travelling in Vietnam, this surprising artistic skill involves the use of duck eggshell tesserae to produce unique pictures. The technique has never before been used in replica Cartier watchmaking, and for the craftsmen at Jaquet Droz, the challenge lay in miniaturising the mosaic to decorate one of its historic models, the Petite Heure Minute (here with a 43 mm diameter). They used quail eggshell, creating the motif ornamenting this horological gem with particular meticulousness and care. Infinitely fragile, the minuscule fragments are sorted manually according to colour, shape and purity. About 2,000 pieces are kept and assembled one by one and always by hand, the curve and hue of each considered individually before being positioned on the red gold dial.

A layer of transparent lacquer is then delicately applied over the mosaic, which is finally polished to obtain perfect consistency and astonishing visual depth. It takes approximately 200 hours to embellish the Petite Heure Minute Mosaic Elephant with this striking scene, its beauty accentuated by the black onyx of the hours-and-minutes dial and the rich reflection of the red gold bezel. The decorative theme continues on the underside of the Omega replica watches uk, engraved on the 22-carat red gold oscillating weight driving the double barrel self-winding mechanism of this timepiece, which is produced as a limited edition of 8 models. An exceptional work of artistry, it is a complete expression of the creative, nomadic soul of Jaquet Droz and the excellence of its Ateliers d’Art.

Jaquet Droz replica watches introduces the Petite Heure Minute Relief Carps

The brand famous Jaquet Droz replica watches known by its twin stars pushes the limits of decorative techniques by blending engraving and enameling on this naturalistic model.

So subtle, they are barely there. Yet you can just make them out, gliding along under a watery veil, weaving in and out among lotus blooms and rushes. Hovering elusively, their instantly recognizable silhouettes bring alive the dial of this new Omega replica watches.

The artisans of the Jaquet Droz Ateliers d’Arts took one of their best-known models as a starting point. Its off-centered hours-and-minutes dial opens the way for all manner of daring creative ingenuity. Here, they have surpassed themselves, drawing on motifs from traditional Asian iconography to create a landscape imbued with serene refinement. The carp is revered in Asia as an allegorical symbol to represent love, perseverance, longevity and virility. Small groups of this highly-prized fish are often used to embellish ornamental ponds in the spirit of refinement and attention to detail that are characteristic of Chinese and Japanese aesthetics.

Such a scene has been minutely reproduced at a scale of 41 mm, with the dial set over a tranquil pond of crystalline waters created through subtle layering of translucent blue enamel. Two lily pads float gracefully on the surface, crowned by a blooming lotus applied in relief, and hand-engraved gold reed stems rise from the waters. Under the enamel, three elegant koi carp glide along in a spontaneous underwater ballet, standing out against the background of wave-ridged gold. The enamel lightens across the upper half of the Omega replica watches store face in gradually shaded colors underscored by an engraving of sky and birds. Here for the first time, Jaquet Droz presents an enameled balance weight decorated with a carp hand-engraved in bas-relief.

The balance weight echoes the color of its case, with a choice of two versions for the Petite Heure Minute Relief Carps. In the white gold case model, bezel and horns are set with brilliant cut diamonds and the white mother-of-pearl hours-and-minutes sub-dial is encircled in white gold. The red gold case model features a black onyx hours-and-minutes sub-dial with a red gold outlining ring. Enhanced by a rolled-edge hand-made gray or black alligator leather strap, both versions of the Petite Heure Minute Relief Carps will be limited to 28 exclusive pieces.